Champions Tactics™ Grimoria Chronicles

Champions Tactics™ Grimoria Chronicles

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About the Game

Champions Tactics™ Grimoria Chronicles is a brand new PVP Tactical RPG experimental game on PC currently in development at Ubisoft. Assemble a team of mythical Champions, engage in thrilling tactical battles against other players and discover the legends of the dark and mystical world of Grimoria.
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Collectible Champions

Champions are magical playable figurines in the dark world of Grimoria.

Each one of them is a living relic, an intricately crafted embodiment of Grimoria's history, a testament to the legendary Champions who once shaped its fate.

Each Champion comes with a unique look and skillset. To play and overcome your opponent, you must assemble a squad of three of them and strategically employ their skills based on your opponent's line up and actions.


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Champions Tactics™ Grimoria Chronicles will be playable on PC through a dedicated game client, providing an immersive experience tailored for desktop gaming.
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