Welcome to Grimoria

Step into Grimoria, a realm where stories unravel in seven grand Factions, each represented by legendary Warlords.

Djinns, humans, demons, transhumans, gouls, and undeads paint the tapestry of this world, with power struggles resulting in the birth of the Kingdom of Toriel, the Empire of Brallmeran, and even the mysterious Cult of Eternity.

A game-changing discovery, Thunderstone, ignites a technological revolution, but also leads to corruption and a clash of ideals. The world's history keeps evolving, shaped by these tales and confrontations.

Grimoria is a canvas, where legends are written,
and destiny awaits.

Factions & Warlords

In the mystical realm of Grimoria, seven factions rise to prominence, each a testament to its own set of values, beliefs, and motivations. These factions shape the very essence of this world.
From the pursuit of balance to the relentless march of technological progress, each faction's tale is a crucial chapter in the story of Champions Tactics.

  • Laby Mirabel

    Thunderstone Corporation

    The Thunderstone Corporation is at the forefront of technological advancements, driven by the discovery of Thunderstone. They seek to harness its power for both innovation and domination, making them a powerful and influential faction in Grimoria.

  • Master Urezo

    Cult of Eternity

    The Cult of Eternity is a mysterious faction born from the coexistence of humans and demons who chose to remain united. They have evolved into enigmatic Faceless Ghouls, serving a forgotten god.

  • Prince Ezrin

    Empire of Brallmeran

    The Empire of Brallmeran, led by demons, epitomizes the chaotic forces. They are driven by an insatiable passion for knowledge and an unwavering desire to propel their Empire towards prosperity. Alongside the Kingdom of Toriel, they are two faces of the same coin.

  • Matriarch Safiyya

    Guardians of Grimoria

    The Guardians are protectors of balance and harmony, created by the major God of Balance. They oversee the Free Territory of Solarion and have a deep connection with the natural order, embodying the essence of guardianship.

  • General Theodore

    Kingdom of Toriel

    The Kingdom of Toriel, predominantly human, champions order and light. They have a long history of valor and honor, standing for justice and civilization. Yet, they are not exempt from the shadows of human frailty, and will spare no mercy when defending their cherished ideals.

  • Leader Afalkay


    The Tribes faction, born from the ancient Guardians' vanguards, aims to maintain the natural balance. They have evolved into a formidable force dedicated to countering the spread of technology and preserving the environment.

  • Lord Croimont

    Undying Dominion

    The Kingdom of Undying serves as a sanctuary for resurrected and corrupted humans, ruled by undead lords. They yearn for liberation from their eternal servitude, embodying the eerie and dark consequences of technological corruption.

Collectible Champions

Champions are magical playable figurines in the dark world of Grimoria.

Each one of them is a living relic, an intricately crafted embodiment of Grimoria's history, a testament to the legendary Champions who once shaped its fate.

Each Champion comes with a unique look and skillset. To play and overcome your opponent, you must assemble a squad of three, and strategically employ their skills to counter your opponent's line up and actions.

Craft your Legend!

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