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Champions Tactics™ Grimoria Chronicles

About the game

Inspired from classic strategy board games and modern turn-based RPGs, Champions Tactics™ Grimoria Chronicles is a game where strategy, creativity, and dark fantasy unite in a captivating competitive multiplayer tactical experience. Engage in thrilling strategic battle against other players where the outcome relies on tactics, mind games, and Champion’s abilities.

Discover the legends of Grimoria and leave your name in the chronicles.


Gameplay Trailer

Craft your legend!

  • Create unique

    Master the power of the Bloodstone to craft powerful Champions with unique skills & abilities.

    Your collection, your rules.

  • Assemble
    your team

    Collect thousands of unique powerful Champions to outmatch any opponent's lineup.

    Your champions, your strategies, your path to victory.

  • worldwide legend

    Become a
    worldwide legend

    Test your tactical prowess in intense online PvP battles and rise through the ranks.

  • tactical

    play to win

    Victory comes from skill, not luck. Master the ever-changing meta, pick the best Champions to counter your opponent’s lineup and use their ability wisely to dominate.

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